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Fontpage is a simple to use utility to provide an insight into the fonts
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Fontpage is a simple to use utility to provide an insight into the fonts in the user system. Its application can be linked with creative productions. It provides the user a functionality to go beyond the traditional and exhaustive way of testing fonts and the presentation in bold emphasis or italic style, underline or three dimensional uses. Fontpage provides the user a list of installed and uninstalled fonts in the system. Fonts list can be categorized on the type of fonts. It allows the user to compare fonts and a preview on how two fonts appear when used in succession. It gives the user a chance to preview and select the combination of fonts to be used. It is use can be simplified as a utility to view the fonts in the system with effects or without it. Test pages can be printed using the selected font to experience the font appearance on paper.
Interface is simple with easy navigation and prominent icon based buttons. Color settings are flexible and can be set. Character set of the selected font can be copied onto the clipboard to be pasted onto any application for further use. Visual font styles are also supported but limited to installation on Windows XP operating system. Normal window provides preview of installed fonts and uninstalled fonts can be viewed through separate preview window.

Manoj Goel
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  • Easy to use simple interface
  • Print Test page with selected font
  • Capability to view installed and uninstalled fonts
  • Clipboard copy of selected character set of the font


  • Visual styles supported only in XP
  • Separate preview windows for Installed and Uninstalled Fonts
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